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CHOKECHAKA is a Quechua word from the native Andean language and translates to the GOLDEN BRIDGE. 


CHOKECHAKA is dedicated to cultural, social, environmental and humanitarian enrichment by sharing skills, knowledge, and traditions.  By celebrating spirit, compassion, and reciprocity together, we form alliances and strengthen connections while building community.


CELEBRATES and SHARES TRADITIONS: We value opportunities to preserve, honor, and share traditional ways, and by so doing gain insights into the places where our beliefs, needs, desires, and values meet and diverge. By sharing the taste, feel, smell, and sounds of one another’s lives, deep connections are established.

STRENGTHENS COMMUNITY and FORM COLLABORATIONS: Based on mutual respect and compassion, we seek to discover one another’s strengths, weaknesses, needs, and concerns, and to share skills, and knowledge that can enrich the lives of all.

SHARING: Based on mutual support and guidance, we seek to exchange wisdom with people of all ages in an ongoing effort to create a healthier, more peaceful, just world.

INSPIRES ENGAGEMENT: Through collective stewardship and shared responsibility, and by encouraging one another to participate, everyone becomes an empowered agent of personal, social, and ecological transformation.

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