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Adolfo Ibáñez Ayerve & Jennifer Zackin are based in the Hudson Valley, New York and in the Sacred Valley, Cusco, Peru.  

Adolfo Ibanez Ayerve is a musician and actor from the city of Cusco in Southern Peru. He studied charango (a traditional guitar-like instrument) with Julio Benavente Diaz, one of the last great masters of the t’ipi technique - finger

Adolfo & Jennifer

picking. In Adolfo's work, he shares the tradition of music, storytelling, and other forms of creative expression passed down, to keep alive a body of collective wisdom that can help us to understand our past, discover ways to live harmoniously in the present.

Jennifer Zackin is a cultural worker inspired by meeting people, experiencing traditions, and sharing a relationship with the landscape. She creates public art that invites community and collaborative engagement. Her drawing, sculpture and installation work highlights nature's patterns and enhances our sense of interconnectedness through reverence and stewardship. Her work has been exhibited in museums, galleries, and outdoor public venues around the world.

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